All Smiles. No Guilt.

Compostables that make you and the planet smile.
Go Green With A Smile. Small choices can make a big impact. Choose to leave a smaller footrint and enjoy our compostable coffee pods, straws and packaging materials that don't overburden the planet.

Smile Beverage Werks PBC
A start-up whose goal is more than just selling Coffee Capsules. We believe that convienence and earth conciousness should go hand in hand.

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We knew that something had to be done to stop, or at least stem the tide, of the tons of waste produced each year by single use plastic. You can make a difference by choosing products that are compostable and don't leave unnecessary waste in landfills for hundreds of years to come. Small changes today leave a brighter, and healthier, planet for tomorrow.

SMILE BEVERAGE WERKS gathered a group of like-minded people who also believe in protecting our environment. They all worked with the simple goal in mind to produce the best compostable products.

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